Dickson Fire Department

Frequently Asked Questions


Why when I call for an ambulance, the fire department shows up?

The City of Dickson Fire Department provides a Basic Life Support (BLS) service.  We respond to all medical calls inside the City of Dickson along with the Dickson County Ambulance Service.


Why do I see fire trucks parked at the grocery store or a restaurant?

Our firefighters work 24 hour shifts, which means that they eat, sleep, and work at the fire station for 24 hours at a time. They may need to go to the grocery store to purchase food to prepare meals for the day. Sometimes during training or busy days due to making calls, they do not have time to prepare meals, so they have to go out to eat. Because they must be able to respond to an emergency incident at any time, the crew is required to stay together, close to their apparatus, and be prepared to deploy immediately, even from the grocery store or a restaurant.

How hot does a house fire get?

The temperature of a house fire depends on the materials that are burning. Now more than ever, our society's modern conveniences are made of synthetics instead of Mother Nature’s raw materials. When plastics or other petroleum based products burn, temperatures can reach as high as 1,600°F.

What is the average response time to an emergency?

In the City of Dickson, it is currently 2:41 minutes. This is measured from the time the apparatus leaves the station to the time they arrive on scene.

How big is your service area and population?

We serve 16.5 square miles. The population is approximately 20,000.

How many calls for emergency service do you get each year?

About 3500, of which 91% are medical or other emergencies.

When there is only a small fire, why do so many fire engines respond?

A "Standard Response Plan" policy is utilized on all responses. This system is a pre-designated formula that determines the amount and type of equipment sent to the incident.


Do I need to put a smoke detector in every room? How many do I need?

Smoke detectors should be placed outside each sleeping area and on every level of the home, including the basement. On floors without bedrooms, detectors should be installed in or near living areas such as dens, living rooms, or family rooms. Remember to test the detectors regularly!


What do firefighters do when they are not on calls fighting fires?

Firefighters work 24 hours at their duty station. Training and equipment maintenance takes up a good deal of firefighter’s time when they are not on calls. Firefighters constantly train so they are ready to handle any type of emergency. They also participate in station tours and various public education events. Firefighters must also maintain and clean their stations.


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