Dickson Fire Department

Fire Suppression


     The Fire Suppression division of the City of Dickson Fire Department is the largest division in the department, made up of 33 shift personnel that includes a captain, 2 lieutenants and 8 firefighters per shift. Each shift is on duty for 24 hours at a time. These highly trained men and women respond to a wide variety of emergency and non-emergency calls. Fire suppression is responsible for the extinguishment and control of fires, all types of rescue, environmental hazards, emergency pre-hospital care, motor vehicle accidents, alarm responses and various types of disaster management. 

Fire Fighting


     The threat of fire and its devastating effects on life and property are of major importance and priority for the City of Dickson Fire Department. To address those concerns and to provide rapid, safe, and effective firefighting efforts, the Dickson Fire Department operates from two fire stations located at strategic points throughout the city. Dickson firefighters respond in a rapid and safe manner with occupant safety and rescue of endangered citizens as our most important mission priority.  The fire suppression division also provides emergency medical care. 

Emergency Medical Services


     Because firehouses are strategically located throughout the city, a fire unit can be on the scene within a maximum time of approximately four minutes. This is especially important when a patient is experiencing heart failure or has stopped breathing. Unless medical care is received within four to six minutes, there is little chance for recovery.

     Upon arrival, trained firefighters immediately assess the victim's condition and begin providing emergency medical care to the patient. This care may include Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), administering oxygen, bleeding control, or even emergency childbirth. Now with the implementation of the Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) program firefighters can administer a life saving shock to a victim of sudden cardiac arrest.