Dickson Fire Department

Training Division


       It is the intent of the City of Dickson Fire Department Training Division to provide employees with training established by legal mandate or determined by the department to be necessary. The Training Division is responsible for the development, coordination, and presentation of all training within the department.

The goals of the Dickson Fire Department training program are:

  1. To meet mandatory and in-service training requirements.
  2. To provide better-educated and more professional personnel.
  3. To provide more efficient and effective accomplishments of departmental objectives.
  4. To improve fire department and community relations.
  5. To provide career development opportunities within the department.
  6. To provide training in specialized areas of fire fighting.
  7. To provide training consistent with department’s responsibilities.

      Training is a continual never-ending process involving all members of the Dickson Fire Department. The training function is the responsibility of the Training Division Captain. These responsibilities include: training both sworn and civilian personnel, developing training programs, notifying personnel of available training, selecting instructors and supervising the field training program just to name a few.