How many fire stations does Atlanta have?

Atlanta Fire Rescue Department

Operational area
Stations 35
Engines 35
Trucks 17
Squads 3


How long does it take to become a firefighter in Atlanta?

Careers in Public Safety GPSTC’s Basic Firefighter Training Program is an intense eight-week course that will test candidates, both mentally and physically.

How do I apply for the Atlanta Fire Department?

Interested candidates must submit an online application during the open application period. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department Background and Recruitment Section at 404-546-7020 or by email at [email protected]

Who hired Atlanta’s first African American firefighters?

Fourteen years later, Atlanta’s first seven African – American female firefighters, hired in 1977: Louvenia Jenkins, Emma C. Morris, Janice Jones, Liz R. Summers, Lisa Bradley, Shelia Callaway, and Sheila Kirkland.

Was Atlanta destroyed during the civil war?

On September 1, 1864, Confederate Gen. John Bell Hood evacuated Atlanta, after a five-week siege mounted by Union Gen. William Sherman, and ordered all public buildings and possible Confederate assets destroyed.

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How do I start a career as a firefighter?

Becoming a firefighter: 10 must-do things

  1. Become an EMT.
  2. Volunteer your time.
  3. Take fire technology classes.
  4. Maintain a clean background and lifestyle.
  5. Understand all of the phases of the firefighter hiring process.
  6. Start taking firefighter tests.
  7. Stop by fire stations.
  8. Get some life experience.

How long does it take to be a firefighter in Georgia?

Firefighter Training Fire Recruit school is approximately 12 weeks long. Typically, each day begins with physical fitness training, which involves running, strength training, or drills that will develop both personal fitness and teamwork.

How long is firefighter training in Georgia?

How long does it take to become a firefighter in Georgia? Firefighters in Georgia must take the GFSTC’s eight-week basic training course, including two online FEMA courses, unless their local department offers similar education to new recruits.

What are the requirements to be a firefighter in Georgia?

Selection Process and Requirements

  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old.
  • Must have earned a High School Diploma or GED.
  • Have a current valid Georgia Driver’s License.
  • Written Exam.
  • Physical Agility Test/ Firefighter’s Combat Challenge Course.
  • Polygraph.
  • Physical & Drug Screening.

Which mayor removed the white and colored signs from City Hall?

On his first day in office, he ordered the removal of all ” white” and “colored ” signs from facilities in city hall.

Ivan Allen Jr.
Statue honoring Allen at Centennial Olympic Park
Mayor of Atlanta
In office 1962–1970
Preceded by William B. Hartsfield


What is the name of Atlanta airport?

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

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Who oversaw the peaceful integration of schools in 1961?

Hartsfield v Ivan Allen v Ellis Arnell. Oversaw the peaceful integration of schools in 1961. You just studied 11 terms!

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