What is a fire clearance?

A Fire Clearance is required by State Community Care Licensing (CCL) for large family. child care homes. The purpose of an inspection is to ensure that the home is free of fire. and safety hazards and has proper and sufficient fire prevention devices/equipment, evacuation plans and escape routes.

Why is fire safety clearance important?

Fire safety inspections are an important part of creating a safe place for work. Up to 80% of facilities that have an accident related to fire will not re-open which results in the loss of jobs.

What are the requirements to open a daycare center in California?

In California, a home child care business must be licensed through the Child Care Licensing Program to operate legally. A person wanting to open a child care business in their home would have to apply for a license and attend orientations.

How often are title drills conducted Title 22?

Programs are required by law to perform and document disaster drills at least every six months.

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What are fire safety rules?

10 measures to assess fire safety

  • Provide adequate means of escape.
  • Outline clear pathways to exit doors.
  • Install smoke detection systems.
  • Maintain smoke suppression systems.
  • Conduct regular fire drills.
  • Use flame-retardant materials in interiors.
  • Make your office accessible to firefighters.
  • Keep the building plans handy.

What is Fire Safety Evaluation clearance?

The Fire Safety Evaluation Clearance (FSEC) shall be a pre-requisite for the issuance of Building Permits; and the Fire Safety Inspection Certificate (FSIC) shall be a pre-requisite in the issuance of Occupancy Permits, Certificate of Annual Inspection and Permits to Operate by PEZA.

How would you carry out a simple fire safety inspection?

There are 5 useful steps that you can follow when putting together an FRA:

  1. Identify the fire hazards.
  2. Identify people at risk.
  3. Evaluate, remove or reduce the risks.
  4. Record your findings and prepare an emergency plan with training.
  5. Review and update the fire risk assessment regularly.

What do fire inspectors look for?

Fire safety inspectors evaluate several areas: They determine ways that fires could start within the building. Inspectors check the safety systems in place, such as smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and sprinkler systems. They make sure these systems are regularly maintained and kept in good working order.

How do I get a fire safety inspection permit?


  1. Filled out Application Form.
  2. Endorsement from BPLO.
  3. Fire Safety Evaluation Clearance/ Checklist.
  4. Certificate of Completion (Original Copy)
  5. Approved Plan.
  6. Building Permit.
  7. Certificate of Electrical Inspection.
  8. Other pertinent documents as deemed necessary.

Do daycare owners make good money?

Owners of daycare centers profit an average of $37,000 per year. While some owners of daycare centers report earning over $60,000 profit per year, the other side of the spectrum reported hauling in less than $20,000 profit. Here we will dive into some of the things that make daycare centers profitable.

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How much is a child care license in California?

Every licensee must also pay a yearly licensing fee. A small family childcare home’s annual licensing fee is $73. A large family childcare home’s annual licensing fee is $140. A childcare center’s annual licensing fee is equal to one-half of the application fee.

What is the ratio for daycare in California?

1 adult: 6 children (may include up to 3 infants) 1 adult: 8 children (may include up to 2 infants and must include at least 2 children over the age of six) 2 adults: 14 children (may include up to 3 infants and must include at least 2 children over the age of six) **Note: Provider’s own children under the age of 10

What is Title XXII?

California Code of Regulations, Title 22. Title 22 Regulations apply to all community care facilities regulated by the Community Care Licensing Division, except where specifically exempted, and are available at the California Department of Social Services website at the above link.

What is a Title 22 survey?

What is a CA Title 22 Survey? Hospitals usually have a “deem status” and a state licensing survey every 3 years. This “licensing” survey will review all applicable codes that allowed the granting of a license to operate as a healthcare facility in CA.

What are children’s personal rights in child care?

(a) The licensee shall ensure that each child is accorded the following personal rights: (1) To be accorded dignity in his/her personal relationships with staff and other persons. (2) To be accorded safe, healthful and comfortable accommodations, furnishings and equipment to meet his/her needs.

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