How long do idols train for?

Idol life training With contracts spanning an average of seven years, an agency will assess a trainee’s talent, his or her ability to blend into a group, withstand the hardships of ‘ idol life’, and avoid trouble.

How long do kpop idols usually train?

Originally Answered: How many years does the training take to become a K-pop idol? It depends on what the company wants you for and how ready you are when you audition. Some idols spent less than a month to debut while others took almost 10 years. The average training time is around 3–4 years.

How many hours a day do Kpop trainees train?

It’s a continuous routine of school, practice, and sleep and they usually practice for ten hours every day six days out of the week. In order to train to become an idol, there are also many things you have to give up.

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What is the schedule of a Kpop trainee?

After dinner, k-pop trainees take various lessons including singing lessons and dancing lessons. The most basic and important lesson is a singing lesson, and trainees usually take lessons from their vocal trainers one on one. And k-pop trainees practice dancing at least more than one hour every day.

What happens to trainees who don’t debut?

If you get to debut, then all your earnings go to the company until you paid them back for all your training time, if you don’t get to debut, you don’t pay anything. Almost all the trainees are middle, high, or even elementary students. If you have to pay money to get trained, you’re being ripped off.

Do trainees get paid?

Yes, trainees do get a paycheck, however, most trainees earn less than entry-level employees during this period by earning a minimum wage. The general duration of a training position can last from about nine to 24 months. While the wage is low for trainees, it is nevertheless a temporary wage.

Who is the most hated KPOP Idol?

In this article, we will take you through who are the most hated Kpop idols and why.

  • Jennie from Blackpink. Jennie from Blackpink cr: YG Entertainennt.
  • Yeri from Red Velvet. Yeri from Red Velvet cr: SM Entertainment.
  • Cha Eun Woo from ASTRO. Cha Eun Woo cr: Fantagio.
  • KAI from EXO.
  • Seungri from BigBang.
  • Sakura from IZ*ONE.

Who has the shortest training period in Kpop?

These 7 K-pop Idols have the Shortest Training Period before Debut – KpopHit

  • NCT Shotaro (3 Months) (Photo: SM Entertainment)
  • NCT Chenle (2 Months)
  • Girl’s Day Yura (1 Month)
  • LOONA Yves (3 weeks)
  • Former KARA Jiyoung (2 weeks)
  • Former Wonder Girls Yeeun (Less than a Week)
  • LOONA Olivia Hye (1 Day)
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Who is the most beautiful girl in Kpop?

Top 10 Most Beautiful K-Pop Female Idols (2021)

  • Eunbi (IZONE) | Top 10 Most Beautiful K-Pop Female Idols.
  • Dayul (DAONBIN, Rockit Girl ) | Top 10 Most Beautiful K-Pop Female Idols.
  • Jisoo (Black Pink) | Top 10 Most Beautiful K-Pop Female Idols.
  • Irene (Red Velvet) | Top 10 Most Beautiful K-Pop Female Idols.
  • Tzuyu (TWICE) | Top 10 Most Beautiful K-Pop Female Idols.

What do Kpop trainees do on their first day?

On the first day, trainees will usually go through a weight and height assessment, and get assigned diets and/or a fitness schedule that they will have to follow rather strictly. They will also get assessed on their singing, rapping and dancing skills.

Do YG trainees go to school?

Yes. Most trainees study while they train.

How many hours of sleep do trainees get?

Trainees probably do train for 10-12 hours including school, but if they sleep for 2-4 hours, then they just watch tv or play videogames for the rest of the time. Too young to realise the importance of sleep. Idols don’t work non stop for 16 hours.

Is 16 too old to audition for Kpop?

Is 16 too old to audition for Kpop? 16 is a good age to audition and try out for a company. Even though there are idols who have debuted at 16 or even younger, there are some who have debuted in their 20s. If you audition when you are 16, you will have a chance to live as a trainee. …

How do Kpop trainees lose weight?

K-pop trainees check their weight every day, and the weight is reported to their company. They lose weight through diet plus exercise. Many of them, especially female trainees, diet by eating only fruits and vegetables. They can’t even dream of high-calorie foods such as chicken and pizza.

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What is the best age to become a kpop trainee?

What is the best age to become a kpop trainee? You can audition as early as 12 years old. Therefore it is recommended to get a full two years of experience in dancing and voice training before auditioning. That means at the earliest you should be training at age 10.

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