Where is the key to Searchlight fire station?

Layout. The station is only accessible by acquiring the Searchlight fire station key from Logan, a prospector found in the storage area of the Searchlight west church.

Where are all the ghouls in Camp Searchlight?

The general vicinity east of Camp Searchlight is patrolled by re-spawning feral ghoul NCR troopers of various types as far north as the Coyote Mines to as far south as the outskirts of the Searchlight Airport. These ghouls do not carry dogtags, but roam nearby enough that they may register on the compass.

How do you start the Wheel of Fortune quest?

Quest stages Speak with someone in Nipton about the missing radiation suits. Find suits in a nearby cave. Return with the suits to Logan. Go with Logan to the Police Station.

Where is Logan Camp Searchlight?

Logan is a prospector in the storage area under Camp Searchlight in 2281.

How do I get into the searchlight police station?

The station is only accessible by acquiring the key from Logan, a prospector found in the storage area of the Searchlight west church. Once acquired, the entrance area contains a desk with a door behind it, leading to the intel center of the station.

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How do you get the key for Camp Searchlight?

You go to the cave and get the radiation suit package. Go back to Logan and give it to him and he should give you the key to the police station. After clearing out the police station he’ll give you fire station key.

Are ghouls allowed in the NCR?

Ghouls and super mutants are accepted into the NCR military. The NCR has anti discrimination laws against mutants ( ghouls, super mutant and others) There was going to be super mutant trooper in New Vegas but he was cut content.

Where are the radiation suits in Camp Searchlight?

Go to Clark Field. It’s a little south west of Novac. There you will find a dead guy with a spacesuit and a quest item.

What happened Camp Searchlight?

Though the legionaries died almost instantly, the sacrifice produced a massive wave of death and ghoulification among NCR troops that effectively destroyed Camp Searchlight as a viable military base.

Where are the radiation suits for Logan?

Location. After inquiring about the supplies with Boxcars, he will direct them to the hidden supply cave just north of Nipton. Inside the cave is a package in one of the footlockers. Once acquired, the Courier must return to Logan to continue the quest.

Where does private Edwards go?

Kyle Edwards

Biography and appearance
Role Soldier
Rank Private
Location Camp Searchlight, Searchlight home Ranger station Echo (optional)
Dialogue File Kyle Edwards ‘ dialogue


Is there anything at Searchlight airport?

The airport has one runway aligned along the north-south axis and two east-to-west runways, a control tower, and the main building. The control tower has an empty interior and is inaccessible. There are four jet planes in the area.

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