Where can I buy a Knox Box?

Residential Knox key safes are not available for purchase at your local retailers and can only be purchased directly from Knox. For the Knox Residential Box, scroll up on this page for available products. For the Knox HomeBox, purchase here. Or place your order over the phone at 1-855-GET- KNOX (1-855-438-5669).

Are Knox box keys universal?

The keys for Knox KeySecure are the same throughout a district (the extent of which depends on the district).

What is a Knox switch?

Knox Gate & Key Switches override electronic gates to allow first responders rapid access. Knox Padlocks provide shared access between multiple agencies for industrial yards, fire access gates, schools, apartment complexes, and more.

Are all Knox box keys the same?

Each Knox – Box purchased by a property owner can be opened by a master key controlled by the Fire Department. In addition to key boxes and vaults, Knox Padlocks and key switches operate the same master key.

Do police have Knox box keys?

Key boxes allow businesses to prevent or reduce damage to their structure by Fire Department personnel during calls for service and provide a means for Fire Department personnel to access secure areas quickly. Key boxes are only accessible by Fire Department personnel, not by police or other first responders.

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Is a Knox Box required?

Buildings requiring a KnoxBox: (a) Any building that has installed within it an automatic fire suppression system, a remotely monitored automatic fire alarm system, or an elevator will need a Knox Box. (d) Residential buildings with eight or more rental units will need a Knox Box.

Can a Knox Box be rekeyed?

The eLock core can be retrofitted into most Knox products and eliminates rekey costs resulting from lost keys.

How do I order a Knox Box?

If you need help with ordering, please contact our customer service team at 800-552-5669 or [email protected] knoxbox.com. Step 2: Select the state and type in the applicable public safety agency serving the installation address. Step 3: Choose the correct public safety agency to begin the purchasing process.

Who can access Knox Box?

Knox now ships unlocked boxes to users; customers must call their local fire department to have the devices locked up. Tobias said Knox should ship boxes to customers without locks, then deliver the locks directly to local fire departments, who would be responsible for installing the locks, as well as turning the key.

What is a Knox padlock?

The interior Knox Padlock (Models 3771 and 3774) are designed to secure fire sprinkler control systems, hazardous chemical supplies, restricted utility areas, equipment lockers, and cases. The lock cylinder is UL Listed which demonstrates it has met the rigorous standard.

What is a fireman’s key?

There is as old joke about the fireman key in the elevator business. Basically, if someone is stuck in the elevator and 911 is called, the way firemen get people out of the elevator is with the “ fireman’s key ”… their ax.

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Do fire engines have keys?

Second, vehicles, particularly fire apparatus, may not have a key to remove or doors that can be locked and unlocked from the outside. Although these simple steps may prevent theft, applying practices such as removing keys may adversely affect job performance.

How much does a Knox Box weigh?

Ship Weight: Standard = 14 lbs.; Mini = 9 lbs. Standard color is Deep Red with “Fire Dept.

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