How many fire departments are in San Diego?

San Diego County, CA has 248 Fire Departments and Fire Stations.

How many fire stations are in Chula Vista?

According to the city of Chula Vista, the CVFD’s 10 fire stations currently respond to nearly 23,000 calls annually while covering an area of more than 52 square miles and a population of 275,000.

How do I report a fire in San Diego?

A complaint about a fire hazard created by brush should be directed to the Fire Hazard Advisor at 619-533-4444. A City of San Diego Guide to Fire Safety and Brush Management for Private Property for brush management requirements.

Can you just walk into a firehouse?

I’d recommend a formal policy that prohibits all visitors from any part of the fire station except for certain designated locations (example: apparatus floor, classroom/meeting room, etc.) during certain hours (example: 8:00am to 8:00pm), and requires all visitors to be accompanied by a firefighter.

How big is San Diego Fire Department?

The San Diego Fire – Rescue Department is the second-largest municipal fire department in the state of California, after Los Angeles and responds to nearly 130,000 calls per year. San Diego Fire – Rescue Department.

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Operational area
Annual calls 129,880(2014)
Employees 1,256
Annual budget $218,533,401 (FY 2015)
Staffing Career


Is there currently a fire in San Diego?

CAL FIRE / SAN DIEGO COUNTY FIRE followed. #SouthernFire [Update] The Fire is currently 5,366 acres and is 90% contained.

Does San Diego County have a fire department?

Today, San Diego County Fire strives to provide the highest level of service using an Integrated Cooperative Regional Fire Protection System; delivering fire protection and emergency services to over 40 communities through 35 fire stations and over 500 first responders.

Are California pepper trees flammable?

Generally these plants: • Grow close to the ground. These plants and trees burn easily since they have large amounts of oil, sap, rough bark and other material that is flammable.

What trees are fire hazards?

Examples of highly flammable plants include ornamental juniper, Leyland cypress, Italian cypress, rosemary, arborvitae, eucalyptus, and some ornamental grasses. Care should be taken to not place fire prone plants adjacent to any structures and preferably not within 30 feet of the house.

Why do we go to fire station?

Here are the three main reasons why you would visit a fire station: To find out more about the job of a firefighter. To obtain more information about that fire department, either before they offer a firefighter examination or during the firefighter examination process.

Is a firehouse public property?

Government -owned and -operated fire stations generally are considered to be public buildings. So are court houses, prisons, schools and even the White House. The fact that a fire station is public property does not mean that the public has an unfettered right to enter and roam about.

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What shifts does FDNY?

Each group works a shift from 9 a.m. to the following 9 a.m shift. After three days off, the group returns to work with the exact same crew again. The practice of trading shifts, called working “mutuals,” has been suspended.

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