Can you be a firefighter in Sims 3?

The Firefighter occupation is a profession in The Sims 3: Ambitions. Firefighters work at the Fire Station lot. Handy Sims can upgrade the fire alarm to respond sooner to emergencies, upgrade the fire truck in 3 increments to increase its speed, and upgrade their personal fire extinguisher to put out fires faster.

How do you join the firefighter career in Sims 3?

Join the Firefighter career by clicking on the fire house in map view. While you can also join from the newspaper or computer, this is the best and most direct route.

Can your Sim be a firefighter?

If Ambitions is installed, Sims are able to be in the Firefighter profession, allowing them to work at the fire station and respond to house fires or building disasters. Sims not in the profession can regularly visit the fire department, but will not have access to the fire engine or fire alarms.

Does Sims 3 Ambitions come with a new town?

Twinbrook is a world which was shipped with The Sims 3: Ambitions. It is most likely named after the twin rivers that flow on either side of the richer part of the town, near households such as the Whelohffs.

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What jobs are in The Sims 3 Ambitions?


  • New type of job – professions: Architectural Designer, Firefighter, Ghost Hunter, Investigator, and Stylist.
  • New career track, education and new features added to the existing medicine career track.
  • Sims can become self-employed by registering at the city hall after gaining one skill point in a skill career.

Can you be a firefighter Sims 4?

The Sims 4 has announced that firefighters are finally coming to the game. This feature complements Eco Lifestyle’s gameplay, which gives Sims a variety of options to generate their own power and water. Sims can also sell power or water if they make more than they are using.

How do you extinguish a fire in Sims 4?

To extinguish a fire, you need to select a Sim then click on the tile that’s on fire, and you’ll get the option to extinguish it. With some luck, your Sim can put out the fire, and everything will be okay. There is a chance your Sim can catch fire if they’re standing near the flames.

What can you do in Sims 3 university life?

Sims can study for majors in Business, Science and Medicine, Technology, Physical Education, Fine Arts and Communications. They will receive a study object which helps them to improve their academic performance.

What does The Sims 3 Seasons include?

The Sims 3 Seasons Expansion Pack Review and Game Guides

  • Controlling Weather and Sims 3’s Seasons: Options and Cheats. The Sims 3 Seasons offers new weather settings in the game options menu.
  • Sunny Days.
  • Rain.
  • Lightning.
  • Snow.
  • Wind, Hail, and Fog.
  • Getting Sick and Allergies.
  • Sims 3 Supernatural Cross-Feature: The Weather Stone.
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Can you be a superhero in Sims 3?

This expansion, named The Sims 3 Ambitions, will be focusing on the careers of your virtual self. Shaking things up a bit, is the fact that you will be able to take on th life of a superhero. That’s right. You ‘ll be able to take your Sim to the streets to fight crime and save kittens from trees.

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