What should you do if a fire authority officer wants to inspect?

There are 5 useful steps that you can follow when putting together an FRA:

  1. Identify the fire hazards.
  2. Identify people at risk.
  3. Evaluate, remove or reduce the risks.
  4. Record your findings and prepare an emergency plan with training.
  5. Review and update the fire risk assessment regularly.

When can a fire authority officer inspect your premises?

We can visit premises unannounced at any time although we generally make appointments. During these types of visits the Fire Safety Inspecting Officer will ensure the rules are being followed and employees and members of the public are kept safe.

What do fire inspectors look for?

Fire safety inspectors evaluate several areas: They determine ways that fires could start within the building. Inspectors check the safety systems in place, such as smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and sprinkler systems. They make sure these systems are regularly maintained and kept in good working order.

Why is it important to have properly trained fire inspectors?

Mitigate Fire & Life Safety Hazards The number one reason for fire inspections is life safety – to keep all building occupants safe from potential fire threats. Regular inspection, testing and maintenance make for safer working and living environments so employees, residents and their guests are protected.

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Who carries out fire audits?

Southwark Council, defined as the responsible person in law, must carry out and regularly review a fire risk assessment of all council-owned premises.

Can a fire officer issue an alteration notice?

You could get an alterations notice if your premises have high safety risks or will have high safety risks if the use of the premises changes.

Can employers and employees be fined for failing to comply with fire safety?

Fire departments have been known to fine organisations for failing to comply with safety regulations. Law states that if you employ five or more members of staff (even if some of them work remotely) a regularly reviewed fire risk assessment is an absolute must.

Who enforces the Fire Safety Order?

How is the order enforced? Fire safety legislation is enforced by Fire Safety Enforcement Officers from the local Fire and Rescue Service. They can enter any workplace at any suitable hour, without giving notice, though notice may be given when the inspector thinks it is appropriate.

Do firefighters enforce law?

Fire marshals may be sworn law – enforcement officers and are often experienced firefighters. In many areas, the fire marshal is responsible for enforcing laws concerning flammable materials.

What is a fire safety checklist?

Never leave cooking or any other open flame including candles or oil burners unattended. Clean the lint filter of your clothes dryer each and every time you use it. Never smoke in bed and take extra care if consuming alcohol whilst smoking. In Winter take extra care when using heaters, electric blankets or open fires.

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What do fire inspectors look for in apartments?

An occupied rental unit can be inspected at the request of a tenant. The inspector looks for all hazards affecting fire safety, including obstructed fire lanes and exits; adequate property number identification; hazard material storage; balcony BBQs; and fire protection equipment, such as smoke detectors.

How do I prepare for a fire inspection?

Preparing for fire code inspections: The inside

  1. Be sure that all exit doors can easily be opened by ONE person.
  2. Keep all aisles, walkways, stairways and paths leading to exits clear of debris and obstructions.
  3. Be certain your emergency lights and exits signs work properly in both normal and emergency power modes.

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