How do I turn off the water to my fire sprinkler system?

One option you have is to turn off the entire system by cutting off the water supply. In a residential building, this might mean finding and turning off the main water control valve. This stops water from flowing into your home entirely, not just the sprinkler system.

How do you turn off fire suppression?

Open the control panel of the hood suppression system. Select the disable button to disarm the hood suppression system for a limited time before it comes back on. The time for which it will be disabled will be stated in the control panel, usually written on the door of the panel.

Can a sprinkler head be turned off?

Turn off the valve to the system’s water source. Turn the water valve connected to your sprinkler system clockwise to turn it off and cut off water flow. If you don’t turn off your water, it may spray out of the system when you remove the sprinkler head.

How do you remove a sprinkler head from ceiling?

Turn the handle clockwise as far as possible to stop the flow of water. Unscrew the cage or cap covering the sprinkler head, if applicable. Then, turn the head slowly with a wrench or pliers to gradually release the pressure behind it.

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Where is my fire sprinkler shut off valve?

The valve will usually be located within three to five feet of where the supply line enters your home. If you have both a crawlspace and basement, as is found in some older homes, the shutoff valve may be located in the crawlspace.

How do you temporarily turn off sprinkler heads?

Do what it takes to free up that tiny screw in the center of the head. Turn the tiny screw in the center head counter-clockwise with a screwdriver until it feels tight, which generally will take between a quarter and a half turn. Run your sprinkler system to make sure you have properly turned the head off.

Can I pour concrete over sprinkler lines?

Laying concrete over sprinkler lines is possible but requires homeowners to do extra steps beyond concrete preparation. Sprinkler pipes will need to be recessed into trenches in the ground and sprinkler heads will need to be sealed if they are no longer used.

How do you flush the sprinkler system?

Turn on the water to your sprinkler system to flush the lines of any debris or dirt that is trapped in the lines. Allow the water to run until you see clear water coming out of each sprinkler. Turn the water off. Replace the screen on each nozzle body.

How do you stop a fire sprinkler from spraying?

When fire sprinklers activate unintentionally (or when they work as intended), you basically have two options to stop the water: turn off a control valve or use fire sprinkler tools—a sprinkler stopper like the Shutgun—to stop the flow at an activated sprinkler.

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