How old do you have to be to be a firefighter in Oklahoma?

How to Become an Oklahoma City Firefighter. Applicants must be 18 to 44 years of age. Must possess a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent, at the time of application.

How much does a EMT Firefighter make in Oklahoma?

Firefighter/EMT Salary in Oklahoma

Percentile Salary Location
10th Percentile Firefighter / EMT Salary $23,558 OK
25th Percentile Firefighter / EMT Salary $33,810 OK
50th Percentile Firefighter / EMT Salary $45,070 OK
75th Percentile Firefighter / EMT Salary $56,340 OK

How much money do firefighters make in Oklahoma?

The average salary for a firefighter in Oklahoma is around $41,970 per year.

What is the cut off age to be a firefighter?

You can become a professional firefighter after 30, 40, or even 50 at some fire departments. There are departments that have upper age limits between 28 and 40, while others have no upper age requirements for firefighters. There are usually no upper age limits to be a volunteer firefighter.

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How do I start a career as a firefighter?

Becoming a firefighter: 10 must-do things

  1. Become an EMT.
  2. Volunteer your time.
  3. Take fire technology classes.
  4. Maintain a clean background and lifestyle.
  5. Understand all of the phases of the firefighter hiring process.
  6. Start taking firefighter tests.
  7. Stop by fire stations.
  8. Get some life experience.

How long is the Tulsa Fire Academy?

The Tulsa Fire Department cadet academy lasts approximately 20 weeks. It is located at the TFD Safety Training Center at 2819 North New Haven Ave. Cadets report to training Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., although your hours may vary due to training requirements.

Do firefighters have good benefits?

Benefits firefighters can receive include health and dental insurance coverage and disability payments should they be injured on the job. If they belong to unions, firefighters can also receive job security and academic scholarships for themselves or their dependants.

How much money does a teacher make in Oklahoma?

As of May 24, 2021, the average annual pay for a School Teacher in Oklahoma is $28,706 an year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $13.80 an hour.

Do volunteer firefighters get paid in Oklahoma?

Volunteer firefighters freely volunteer their efforts as a way of serving and giving back to their community. They often do not receive monetary compensation from the fire department.

How big is the Oklahoma City Fire Department?

The Oklahoma City Fire Department is comprised of 36 fire stations protecting more than 650,000 residents spanning 621 square miles.

How much do fighter fighters get paid?

The average UFC fighter made $138,250 in 2018, up from an average earnings of $132,109 in 2017. Fighters such as Conor McGregor or Jon Jones make much more than the company average, usually earning millions of dollars each fight after PPV earnings and sponsorships.

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How long is firefighting training?

The average fire academy program takes about 12 to 14 weeks to complete a total of 600 hours of training. While most programs want all students to enter at the same time, some have staggered entrance options. Generally, you’ll need to commit anywhere from 40 to 48 hours weekly to undergo the program.

Is Fire Academy hard?

Overall, most fire academies are pretty hard to successfully complete. You must be physically and mentally prepared for the task. Lets take a closer look at what the fire academy entails and what challenges you will face. We will also discuss how to get in and how long it takes.

Is 27 too old to become a firefighter?

So, 27 years old is a great age to begin your fire service career and you will probably find that there are others who will be much older than that depending on the size of your recruit class. My final advice is to prepare like your life depended on it and you will likely achieve your dream of becoming a firefighter.

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