What does a junior firefighter do?

Junior firefighter programs give young people the chance to learn about local fire, rescue, and emergency medical services response organizations in a safe, controlled, educational, and fun way while providing departments with an excellent recruitment mechanism.

What is a Fire Explorer program?

The Fire Explorer program gives youth (ages 14-20) a first hand experience in what it mentally and physically takes to be a professional firefighter. The program is designed to give participants beneficial experience, discipline, and knowledge that can apply to any career field.

What are firefighters kids?

Firefighters or firemen are people whose job is to put out fires and rescue people. In a city, the building they work in is called a fire station, or fire hall. There are firefighters in cities and towns who fight fires in houses and other buildings.

What is a fire cadet program?

The purpose of the Fire Cadet program is to help young people make the decision of whether they want to pursue a career in Fire Suppression. The Cadets attend mandatory training classes and are encouraged to participate in a ride-along program.

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Do junior firefighters get drug tested?

You must pass a background check and in some instances, a drug screening as part of the requirements to be a firefighter. If you have a criminal history, or fail the drug test, you will most likely be disqualified from becoming a firefighter.

Is it hard to get hired as a firefighter?

It is usually very difficult to become a firefighter. There is usually a lot of competition for each vacant position. Although there are usually only a few basic requirements to apply for a firefighter job, those that are hired frequently have a lot more training, education, and experience than required.

How long is the Fire Explorer program?

After meeting the program’s entrance requirements, Explorers will be given an opportunity to qualify for a 12-day training academy held on six consecutive weekends.

How do you become a fire cadet?

The qualifications for the Fire Cadet program are a High School Diploma or GED, must be enrolled in a minimum 6 semester units at an accredited college, and must maintain a minimum 2.5 grade point average.

How do I start a program in Internet Explorer?

5 steps to create an Explorer program for your department

  1. Allocate resources. DeSoto County Sheriff’s Dept.
  2. Create an application. The application for candidates should include a waiver to be signed by the parent.
  3. Choose a Uniform. In running a police Explorer program, you always have watch for departmental liability.
  4. Secure Funding.
  5. Find Recruits.

How do I teach my child fire safety?

Teaching Kids About Fire Safety

  1. Talk Smoke Detectors. Teach children about smoke detectors: Why they are installed, how they work, and the sound that they make.
  2. Plan Escape Routes.
  3. Practice Opening Windows.
  4. Use Escape Ladders.
  5. Touch Door and Check For Heat.
  6. Use Your Hands, Not Your Eyes.
  7. Sing a Song.
  8. Stop, Drop and Roll.
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Where do Firefighters work at?

Work Environment for Firefighters

Local government, excluding education and hospitals 88%
State government, excluding education and hospitals 3%
Federal government, excluding postal service 2%

What equipment do firefighters use?

A firefighter wears bulky clothing called Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or Bunker Gear. It’s a coat and pants made from several layers of special fabrics to guard against heat and flames.

Are LAFD paramedics?

The LAFD is the nation’s second busiest provider of EMS in the nation. The EMS Bureau oversees the prehospital care provided by 2500 firefighter/EMTs and 1200 firefighter/ paramedics, who respond to over 1000 medical calls and transport over 600 patients to area hospitals each day.

What do EMS Cadets do?

EMTs on most call types, as well as assist with Rig Check and other squad activities. Cadets are also expected to attend ongoing training and squad meetings in order to maintain current EMT certifications and general awareness of policies and procedural changes.

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