Where was the fire station in the TV show Emergency?

The fire station featured in Emergency! is Station 51 of the Los Angeles County Fire Department. The number 51 was selected because LACoFD did not have a Station 51 at that time. The actual station that was used is Station 127 located at 2049 East 223rd Street in Carson, California, which is near Long Beach.

What years did the TV show Emergency run?

The television series Emergency! originally aired from January 15, 1972, to May 28, 1977. Six seasons, with a total of 122 episodes, aired, followed by six television films during the following two years.

Where can I watch the old TV show Emergency?

You can watch Emergency! on hulu.com or on NBC’s website for free!!

Where Are They Now Emergency Squad 51?

There is a real Station 51 now. The LACoFD Fire Station 127 building in Carson stood in for the fictitious Station 51 on the television series.

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What does KMG 365 mean?

The * KMG365 * code that the Captain (or whoever acknowledges the radio dispatch) gives, is the FCC station license number for the base radio at that station. For instance, KA4993 is the FCC station license number for all the mobile radios (car, motorcycle, truck) that the California Highway Patrol uses.

What were the doctors names on emergency?

Julie London as Dixie McCall, R.N. Bobby Troup as Joe Early, M.D., F.A.C.S., A.C.E.P. Ron Pinkard as Mike Morton, M.D. (identified in the cast of the pilot as ” Dr. Tom Gray,” also an intern—the two characters never appeared together).

Were there real fireman on emergency?

Marco Lopez, Mike Stoker and Dick Hammer. The latter two were both Real Life firefighters, too. Hammer’s character becomes The Other Darrin for at least one episode during season one. The real Hammer decided to go back into full-time firefighting and another actor, credited as “John Smith”, took over the role.

What does Rampart stand for in emergency?

Definition of rampart. 1: a protective barrier: bulwark.

Where can you watch emergency for free?

Watch Emergency! Stream on fuboTV ( Free Trial)

Is Tubi an emergency?

Watch Emergency! – Free TV Series | Tubi.

What streaming service is emergency on?

Watch Emergency Call Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

How old is the cast of emergency?

Robert Fuller, who portrayed Kelly Brackett, is 86 years old. Ron Pinkard, also known as Dr. Mike Morton, is 78. Kevin Tighe, who is friends with Randolph Mantooth, is 75.

What hospital was used in the show emergency?

The Harbor UCLA Medical Center served as Rampart Emergency Hospital in the series. The hospital is located in Torrance, California at 1000 West Carson Street.

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Where is Kevin Tighe now?

Since 1985, Tighe has resided in Skagit County, Washington with his wife, the artist Rebecca Fletcher. From Skagit County, he travels to Los Angeles and New York City for work.

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