Do you need a license to sell food in NYC?

If you want to sell food, you ‘ll need a NYC food vendor license instead. Food vendors should apply for either a temporary food service establishment permit or the mobile food vendor license and permit with the New York City government.

How do I get a food license in NYC?

Complete an online application at, or submit application forms in person at the Citywide License Center**. Do not mail the application. Mailed applications are not accepted. you wish to open earlier than 22 days, call 311 and ask for a food establishment pre-operating inspection.

How can I sell food from home in NYC?

Selling Home Made Foods If you plan to prepare and sell foods and are not eligible for a Home Processor exemption, you will need to obtain a Food Service Establishment permit from your local health department. Your home kitchen cannot be used, however a separate kitchen located in your residence may be acceptable.

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How much does a street vendor license cost in NYC?

The city-issued permit usually costs $200, but because of a cap on permits set in the 1980s, many street vendors have no choice but to pay tens of thousands of dollars on the black market to obtain one. And their struggles have only worsened during the pandemic.

How much is a food handlers license NYC?

Cost of a Food Handler’s License A classroom course costs $114 which includes the cost of the exam. Online courses are free to all registrants, but there is a $24 fee to take the certification exam in person. Please note there is a 2.53% processing fee when registrants register online.

How much is a food license in NY?

The permit fee for most food service establishments in New York City is: *$280.00, plus $25.00 if you will manufacture a frozen dessert.

Can you take the NYC food handlers test online?

Currently, the virtual class and final exam are available in English and Spanish. You may also still complete the free, self-paced online food protection course. The online course is offered in English, Spanish and Chinese.

How long is the food handlers test NYC?

The NYC Food Protection exam has 50 multiple-choice questions and lasts exactly one (1) hour. In order to successfully earn your certificate, you must score AT LEAST a 70%.

Can you sell food you make at home?

Gov. Jerry Brown has signed into law AB626, a groundbreaking new law that allows people to sell directly to the public food they have cooked in their home kitchens. The California Homemade Food Act, signed into law in 2012, allows home cooks to sell jams, pickles and other foods with low risk of food -borne illness.

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Is it legal to sell homemade food in New York?

Homemade food can be sold directly from home and at events (like farmers markets), but it cannot be sold indirectly through stores and restaurants. Items can be sold online and shipped in-state. Also, there is no sales limit for those selling under this law.

Can I bake from home and sell it?

In California, you may register your home kitchen to make the following food products for sale: baked goods without custard, cream, or meat fillings (including breads, biscuits, churros, cookies, pastries, and tortillas) dry baking mixes.

How do I get a sellers permit in NY?

To apply for a Certificate of Authority, visit the New York State License Center at aca.licensecenter. You will need a ID to access the application form. To request a paper application, call (518) 485-2889.

How much does a hot dog vendor make in NYC?

The average hot dog vendor gross salary in New York -Manhattan, New York is $31,199 or an equivalent hourly rate of $15.

Can food trucks park anywhere in NYC?

Food truck owners have to rent a parking space at a commissary, explains Jeon: “It’s illegal to park anywhere else, even in your own home.”

Does New York require a business license?

There is no general state of New York business license, however, many cities require businesses to be licensed in order to operate. Rules for business registration vary depending on location and business type.

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