What is the short form of captain?

There are is one abbreviation of captain: capt.

What does AOR stand for firefighter?

AOR. Area of Rescue (Assistance; area for emergency personnel find people of limited mobility in a building)

What is a fire captain?

Captain is a rank in various fire services. A captain is typically in charge of a fire company, a group of firefighters who are assigned to the same fire apparatus. The captain is responsible for the welfare and performance of the company’s personnel and the maintenance of the apparatus.

What does CMA stand for in fire department?

Carbon Monoxide ( CMA ) An alarm indicating the presence of carbon monoxide (CO) gas. Fire Alarm (FA)

Is Captain a high rank?

Captain, a rank in the military and maritime service, and the highest- ranking company officer.

What is short for general?

Abbreviation for General: Gen. General. Military, Title, Rank.

What does oar mean?

1: a long pole with a broad blade at one end used for propelling or steering a boat. 2: oarsman. oar. verb. oared; oaring; oars.

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What does oar stand for?


O.A.R. (Of a Revolution)
O.A.R. performing at Lincoln Theater in 2015
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What does the C stand for in the acronym slicers?

C – Cool from a safe distance. E – Extinguish. R – Rescue. S – Salvage.

Is Fire Chief higher than Captain?

The captain is usually the highest -ranking officer at the scene of an emergency and will direct operations as needed. Fire chiefs are the highest ranking officers in the fire service, and usually assume command at the scene of an emergency.

What is the highest rank for a firefighter?

After the rank of firefighter, most departments progressively promote employees to driver or engineer, lieutenant, captain, battalion chief and assistant or deputy chief. A fire chief is generally the highest rank.

How much do fire lieutenants make?

The national average salary for a Fire Lieutenant is $74,704 in United States. Filter by location to see Fire Lieutenant salaries in your area.

What does 555 mean for firefighters?

When a firefighter died in the line of duty, the fire alarm office would tap out a special signal. That signal was five measured dashes, then a pause, then five measured dashes, another pause…then five more dashes.

What is a group of firemen called?

Company: A group of firefighters organized as a team, led by a fire officer, and equipped to perform certain operational functions. The firefighters in a company nearly always work on the same vehicle, though on different shifts. Compare with platoon and unit.

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What do you call a rookie firefighter?

The title of probationary firefighter is generally the lowest rank in a fire department’s rank structure.

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