What is a still alarm fire?

: a fire alarm transmitted (as by telephone call) without sounding the signal apparatus.

What is a still box alarm?

Box Alarms If the fire is reported to have persons trapped or the Fire Alarm Office receives numerous calls for the same location, then a ” Still & Box Alarm ” is automatically transmitted by Fire Alarm Office.

What does still and box alarm fire mean?

Still Alarm is a fire department response to a report of a building fire. Box Alarm is a fire department response to an activated fire alarm from a pulled box located in or just outside of a nursing home, hospital, theater, government building,or other place of public assembly.

What are the different fire alarm levels?

Two- alarm fire: 40 firefighters and four members of comand staff; double the trucks. Three- alarm fire: 60 firefighters, six from command staff. Four- alarm fire: 80 plus eight. Six- alarm fire: 120 plus 12 (though by this time the LFD is prepared to dispatch just about everyone and call in other districts).

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What is a 5’11 fire?

5-11 = 4 Engines. SPECIAL CALLS = Any equipment needed above a fifth alarm ( 5-11 ), will be special called to the scene. E.M.S. & RESCUE RESPONSE ASSIGNMENTS. PIN-IN ACCIDENT = 1 Engine, 1 Truck, 1 Battalion Chief, 1 Squad, 1 Ambulance, 1. EMS Field Officer.

What does truck mean on Chicago Fire?

Generically, a ” truck ” could be almost any vehicle used by the fire department, but the term has become specialized over the years. Originally, “engine” referred exclusively to “pump”, the important tool for getting water to a fire. Today, ” fire engines” are those vehicles of the fire department that pump water.

What does it mean by 3 alarm fire?

THREE ALARM FIRE A three- alarm fire call will bring triple the amount of firefighters, trucks, and equipment to the scene of the fire. Any fire alarm dispatch that goes past 2 is considered a very big fire that could take considerable time to completely extinguish.

What does working still mean?

adj. 1 usually predicative motionless; stationary. 2 undisturbed or tranquil; silent and calm.

What is the busiest fire station in Chicago?

In every city there is one fire station that chases more alarms than any other outfit.

What is a box Fire Department?

A “ box ” area is one with a predetermined list of apparatus from various fire stations that will be dispatched to the incident at that location. Box alarms can vary based on time of day, incident type, weather, hydranted areas vs. non-hydranted areas and any other potential situation.

How does a Gamewell fire box work?

This box is a ‘ Gamewell 1951-style Three-Fold’. The signaling hook is located behind the white pull-down door. By depressing the hook and letting go, the signaling equipment will transmit the signal to the Fire Alarm Office (FAO).

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What is a 4 4 alarm?

For example, a code commonly used throughout the US was four rings, a pause, and another four rings (known to fire alarm specialists as “Code 4-4 ” or simply ” 4-4 “) to indicate a particularly intense fire, giving rise to the phrase “four alarm fire”.

What is a working fire?

: a fire requiring considerable work to extinguish: a bad fire.

What does FDNY all hands mean?

According to the site, Serious Incidents are classified as All – Hands or greater. It then defines All – Hands as any incident where four primary units are used to control an incident.

What is a L2 fire alarm system?

An L2 fire alarm system is designed to give an early warning of fire to occupants beyond the room in which the fire starts and to provide early detection in areas of high risk. It is our job as fire alarm designers to look at your building plan and recommend extra detection for high risk areas.

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