What are some fire hazards in a childcare setting?

Fires In Early Childhood Settings

  • Flammable liquids such as petrol,ethanol & kerosene.
  • Hot surfaces such as stoves.
  • Electrical appliances.
  • matches, ligheters, cigarrettes.
  • outdoor barbeques and inciniration.

What is a fire clearance?

A Fire Clearance is required by State Community Care Licensing (CCL) for large family. child care homes. The purpose of an inspection is to ensure that the home is free of fire. and safety hazards and has proper and sufficient fire prevention devices/equipment, evacuation plans and escape routes.

Why is fire safety clearance important?

Fire safety inspections are an important part of creating a safe place for work. Up to 80% of facilities that have an accident related to fire will not re-open which results in the loss of jobs.

How often should a daycare have a fire drill?

Conduct a fire drill once a month. Do the drill at different times, such as nap time, meal time, play time etc., to help children and staff learn fire escape routes from various parts of your facility. 1. Forewarn the children that a fire drill is about to happen to ease their worries.

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How often is emergency equipment tested in childcare?

Extinguishers are primarily tested annually for any signs of defects. Similar tests are performed on smoke detectors and alarms. A professional fire safety officer is responsible for conducting assessments on extinguishers and other fire-related equipment.

Why must fire exits be kept clear of obstructions at all times in child care?

— Exit doors are required by law to be kept clear of any obstructions to ensure a speedy and unimpeded exit during an emergency. — Accumulated waste paper and cardboard in small rubbish bins within the child care centre should be emptied daily into skips or wheelie bins.

What are fire safety rules?

10 measures to assess fire safety

  • Provide adequate means of escape.
  • Outline clear pathways to exit doors.
  • Install smoke detection systems.
  • Maintain smoke suppression systems.
  • Conduct regular fire drills.
  • Use flame-retardant materials in interiors.
  • Make your office accessible to firefighters.
  • Keep the building plans handy.

What is Fire Safety Evaluation clearance?

The Fire Safety Evaluation Clearance (FSEC) shall be a pre-requisite for the issuance of Building Permits; and the Fire Safety Inspection Certificate (FSIC) shall be a pre-requisite in the issuance of Occupancy Permits, Certificate of Annual Inspection and Permits to Operate by PEZA.

What does brush clearance mean?

“ Brush Clearance ” is the legal term to describe required treatments or thinning of vegetation on your property to reduce fire hazards. Brush clearance on other property is the responsibility of the owner.

What do fire safety inspections look for?

What should a fire risk assessment include?

  • Identify the fire hazards.
  • Identify people at risk.
  • Evaluate, remove or reduce the risks.
  • Record your findings and prepare an emergency plan with training.
  • Review and update the fire risk assessment regularly.
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What is the first thing firefighters do to extinguish fire?

The most common method is to use water to put out the fire. The water takes away heat by cooling the fire. Water also smothers the fire, taking away oxygen. Some firefighters use foam as an alternative to water.

What is the purpose of fire safety inspection certificate?

The Fire Safety Inspection Certificate (FSIC} issued by the Bureau of Fire Protection serves as an assurance that a certain facility, structure or building/occupancy has been duly inspected and deemed complying to the Fire Code of the Philippines or RA 9514.

How do I prepare my child for a fire drill?

Fire Drill Preparation Kids need to know what to expect and what will happen in a fire drill /evacuation. Each month or so discuss the need for fire drills (to stay safe in an emergency) and the procedure for fire drills. Talk about the loud sound that the fire alarm makes. Practice making the sound together.

How can I practice a fire drill at home?

Help Me Practice My Home Fire Drill

  1. At least twice a year, push the smoke alarm button to start your home fire drill.
  2. Get out fast.
  3. Practice escaping from bedrooms when people are asleep.
  4. Make sure everyone in your household can open all doors and windows.
  5. Go to your meeting place.
  6. In a real fire, get out and stay out.
  7. Call 9-1-1 from outside.

How do you explain fire evacuation to a child?

Fire Drills At Childcare Centres

  1. Introduce The Evacuation Process. Children love to learn new things so it shouldn’t be daunting to introduce fire evacuation.
  2. Sound Off The Alarm. Make a short drill to give them the signal on when to evacuate.
  3. Make A Run-Through. Do not stop at the first try.
  4. Inform The Parents.

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