What is an aid car?

AID VEHICLE: A vehicle used to carry aid equipment and individuals trained in first aid or emergency medical procedures at an ALS or BLS level.

What vehicles are in a fire station?

These vehicles are now coming off the fleet.

  • Aerial Ladder Platform (ALP)
  • Major Rescue Unit (MRU)
  • Incident Command Unit.
  • Rapid response vehicle.
  • Road Safety Bikes.
  • Welfare Support Unit.
  • Targeted Response Vehicle (TRV)
  • High Volume Pump.

What services do fire departments provide?

The reality is that most organizations have evolved so that they provide a wide variety of emergency services that include not only fire suppression, but emergency medical services, hazardous materials response and mitigation, special rescue situations and emergency management.

What are the different ranks in the fire department?

Firefighter Ranks: Full List

  • Volunteer firefighter.
  • Probationary firefighter.
  • Firefighter /EMT.
  • Firefighter /Paramedic.
  • Driver Engineer.
  • Lieutenant.
  • Captain.
  • Battalion Chief.

Why is ambulance written backwards?

‘ Ambulance ‘ is written backwards so that the driver of any vehicle in its front can instantly read the inverted word in their Rear View Mirror and give way on priority.

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Are ambulances called aid cars?

All fire based are “ aid ” cars. We refer to private companies as “ ambulances ”. I’ve heard it called ambo, a- car, aide car. It’s prolly more efficient to shorten the name via dispatch since it’s a mouthful of a word.

How heavy is a fully loaded fire engine?

Dimensions: Length: 10.5 metres. Width: 2.3 metres. Load weight: 12 tonnes.

Do fire engines carry water?

Fire engines, or pumpers, carry hose, tools, and pump water. The engine can also carry ladders, but they are set up by the fire fighters and can be carried around. Key components of a fire engine include: Water tank (usually 500-750 gallons)

What do fire engines cost?

What is the cost of a Fire Engine /Pumper/Ladder Truck? The replacement cost of a pumper engine comparable to our current equipment is roughly $550,000.00. This doesn’t include anywhere from $100,000.00 to $150,000.00 for equipment to outfit the engine.

What are the 4 types of fire?

Classes of fire

  • Class A – fires involving solid materials such as wood, paper or textiles.
  • Class B – fires involving flammable liquids such as petrol, diesel or oils.
  • Class C – fires involving gases.
  • Class D – fires involving metals.
  • Class E – fires involving live electrical apparatus. (

What can the fire department be called for?

Modern fire departments are tasked with multiple responsibilities beyond responding to structure, wildland and vehicle fires. We also respond to medical emergencies, water rescues, hazardous materials incidents, vehicle accidents, people trapped in buildings and so much more.

What are fire department used for?

In some areas, they may also provide technical rescue, fire protection, fire investigation, emergency medical services, and hazardous material mitigation. Fire departments are most commonly a public sector organization that operate within a municipality, county, state, nation, or special district.

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Is Chief higher than Captain?

Grades above captain are generally by appointment of the chief or sheriff. In addition, there must be vacancies for a higher rank.

What is the highest rank for a firefighter?

After the rank of firefighter, most departments progressively promote employees to driver or engineer, lieutenant, captain, battalion chief and assistant or deputy chief. A fire chief is generally the highest rank.

How do you address a fireman?

Yes, addressing a firefighter as ” firefighter Smith, Jones or whatever the last name is” is perfectly acceptable.

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