Who is the fire chief of Redlands CA?

Redlands has named Jim Topoleski, a 34-year veteran of the Fire Department, to be the new fire chief. Topoleski is the third chief in two years.

How many fire stations are in Redlands?

Fire Suppression & Operations The four fire stations in Relands are staffed 24/7 to ensure quick response times to keep fire damage to a minimum. When not fighting fires the Suppression & Operations Division spends time maintaining their equipment and training on the latest fire fighting techniques.

Is there a fire near Redlands?

Bruder Fire: Evacuations remain as blaze near Redlands chars 125 acres. A brush fire near Redlands has charred 125 acres and prompted homes in the area to be evacuated.

Where is the Redlands Fire located?

In Redlands, where the Bruder fire is still burning, mandatory evacuations have been ordered south of East Sunset Drive South, from Edgemont Drive to Puesta Del Sol, and north of Live Oak Canyon Road from the 10 Freeway to San Timoteo Canyon Road.

Is the Bruder fire contained?

The Bruder Fire is just west of the El Dorado Fire, which ignited Sept. 5 near Yucaipa and burned more than 22,000 acres. That fire is 95% contained with full containment expected Dec.

Are their fires in Los Angeles?

There are four different fires burning in the Los Angeles area. Together, the four fires – the Thomas and Rye fires, which are north of LA, and the Creek and Skirball fires, which are directly in the LA metro area, have burned more than 116,000 acres.

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